Array Photonics is introducing a new generation of laser and photodetector products for infrared sensing applications based on its proprietary semiconductor technology.

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Sensing Innovation

Our Technology

We are extending the capability of gallium arsenide-based lasers and photodetectors beyond 13xx nm, combining the advantages of longer wavelengths with the cost, maturity, and volume scalability of GaAs.

Our patented eGaAs™ technology platform enables low-cost, scalable manufacturing of 13xx nm to 15xx nm photodetector and VCSEL arrays on 6” (150 mm) GaAs substrates for high-volume consumer and commercial sensing applications.

Our eGaAs™ and iVCSEL™ technologies enable next-generation consumer and commercial 3D, proximity, and spectral sensing applications.

About Us

Array Photonics designs and manufactures laser and photodetectors for next generation infrared sensing applications. By extending the wavelength range of GaAs-based devices, Array Photonics offers high-volume production of VCSEL and photodetector arrays operating beyond 1300 nm, as well as broadband photodetectors covering both the visible and infrared wavelength ranges. With over 90 issued and pending patents and a fully integrated, 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona, Array Photonics is ready to meet its customers’ demanding application and production requirements.

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